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Finally got to fly in restricted airspace!

We finally got to take our helicopter into restricted airspace a couple weeks ago, where our pilot got out of the cockpit for the first time! (We always fly with a pilot onboard when operating in normal airspace) This video shows formation flight, sideways flight, and landing and takeoff on a moving platform. Later flights we did a 5 mile out and back and some endurance tests. Must admit I was nervous on the first liftoff without our safety pilot onboard, but everything went smoothly!

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Getting ready for AUVSI


We're getting our booth ready for AUVSI and I thought some of the people on DIY Drones might appreciate a sneak preview of the helicopter that we'll be showing off. I was really hoping to have some dead bugs on the rotors before AUVSI, but some of the machined parts got delayed. So, first flight will have to wait until we get back home!

Here's the SA-200 Weasel in the paint booth :-)

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