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Why not use DGPS for UAV pesticide spraying?

Spaying accuracy is one of the most important reasons that the fully automatic drones are not widely used in the pesticide spraying application. The accuracy is mainly constraint by the GPS positioning accuracy.


But what about using DGPS (not mean SB

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why modifications on open source

I’m a hobbyist in Pixhawk. I use Pixhawk auto mode to fly my RC model airplanes quite well. They could follow the flight path very stably and precisely after I carefully tuned the parameters. My fixed wings with Pixhawk almost could do everything I w

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DGPS in APM/Pixhawk

I have used Pixhawk to fly my fixed wings for several months. Now I want to install and use DGPS to it.

Has someone here tried to put a DGPS on it? What are the steps to achieve that and what would be the least cost? I don't have a lot of money to spe

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