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Parameter file

Hey Guys! I'm trying to build aerial mapping platform with FX-61 Phantom plane and APM autopilot.

As I'm totaly noob, and I don't know much about tuning APM, I decided to use parameter files made by other FX-61 users.

And here my problems start. With d

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Autopilot choice

Hello everyone,

I'm about to buy autopilot for my fixed wing aerial photography platform. Which autopilot should I choose?

Should I take APM or Pixhawk? Or maybe other one?

Thanks for replies


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Camera placement

hello guys!

I'm building UAV for aerial mapping purposes and I got simple question.

How should I place camera in my UAV? Along or across?

What is better camera position for creating orthophotos, DTM's etc?



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RTF Multicopter choice

Hello guys!

I'm searching for multirotor platform for aerial mapping (3d mapping, orthophoto, etc). I'm planning using it for academic purposes- mostly geosciences.

As I'm not familiar with electronics I'm looking for RTF set with autopilot and automat

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