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Mission Planner Vibration Detection?

I was browsing apps with my phone and found some cool Seismographs... I was wondering if we could have a seismograph in order to detect the vibration frequency on our drones using the APMx.x within the mission planner and get some accurate oscillatio

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Paralinx Arrow HD Video TX/RX

I came across this video transmitter which claims to have 300' (90m) range LOS and latency <2ms.  

The TX which is like a dongle weighs at 2oz (56g). As i don't have expirience with HDMI devices i assume the TX is powered from the camera if HDMI slot

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Switching To Lea-6 Gps for my APM2


I have been struggling a lot to get a descent loiter with my quadcopter with the on-board APM2 mediatek gps unsuccessfully. I read a lot of things that made me realize it's not gonna happen with my current setup since i keep the APM2 in the mid

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Naza Like GPS functionality on APM2?

I was wondering whether the loiter mode on the APM2 can be configured to work with manual throttle input like the Loiter mode of Dji naza ( Atleast mine acts like the Alt hold where you can either fo almost full throttle or sub hover speed. It would

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