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Sonar not working


I have a brand new sonar (order 20017)connected to my APM2 via a servo cable.

The sonar always gives 22-23 cm regardless of altitude and this sends my quad into orbit if i switch to alt_hold.

I can make the sonar give proper reading for a minute or

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Yaw drifting on 2.4.1

Hi guys,

Tried 2.4.1 today on my 3DR Quad with stock motor and props, using parameter file for stock quad.

First flight was fine. Stabilize and Loiter working. After swapping battery and taking off the yaw started to drift clockwise at about 1 degree/s

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2nd waypoint not working



My setup is as follows

Easystar w brushless

APM with mediatek 1.6(updated firmware yesterday, went fine)

software is the 2.012 you get when you do "upload firmware" in the planner.


Manual works

Stabilize works

RTL works 


Auto works like this:


I make a

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