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MAPIR Survey2 cameras

Wondering if anyone has had a chance to see results from the new Survey2 cameras from MAPIR?

I am aware of all the cons of using a GoPro sized sensor for accurate NDVI but they have to be useful for smaller drones for some applications?

Mapir Survey 2

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Solo Alternate Camera Control

Does anyone have any information on when we can expect to control other cameras with Tower App and Solo?

I saw Chris say something about a new app coming. I am looking for more details. I could be using Solo for survey work right now but need a better

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Solo smart battery % at end of flight

How low are you guys draining your battery per flight?

I have been testing it slowly, 20%...8% etc...

What I am wondering is if this smart drone will leave enough juice to return home based on how far away it is from that location?

I have been hitting t

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One motor winding discolored


After a 30min flight the other night I noticed one of the windings in only one motor was discolored.

Does anyone know if this is a bad sign of near future motor failure? Or perfectly normal and acceptable?

I have yet to see this happen to any others.


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