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Gps 3d fix/ connection lost loop

Hello, Iv just built my pixhawk quadcopter but I have problems with the neo 6m gps. I get 6 sats 3d fix for about 5 seconds, then 0 sats for about 5 seconds and this repeats forever. Are there any params I can tweak or its a fault gps unit? I have so

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APM 2.8 dead?

My APM 2.8 flight controller stopped responding.

I dont remember should the PC make a sound when i connect the APM to the PC, but there is no sound.
There is just one orange stable light and thats it, no blue, no red.
Not reponding on batter and USB c

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Problem with OPTO ESC and APM 2.6

i have issues calibrating/using OPTO ESCs with APM 2.6. No matter what i do i cant calibrate or make them work, using either all at once or one by one method. There are only black and white wire on the ESC. Im using APM power module. There is a

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