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3DR Solo IMx6 board pin-out

Hello world,

Does anyone have any hardware documentation for the 3dr Solo. In particular the IMx6 board ? 

I am interested in finding out what the 1mm pins on that board map. 

Essentially I am trying to re-program the linux on-board that board to be an

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Emax 3510 motors

So I have been working on a quad and a hex and can't seem to decide on which motors to get. 

I looked at many motors and come down to the emax 3510 because of their low retail price ($32) and amazing efficiency chart (I am running 3s wiith 15.5 props)

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Paparazzi on Pixhawk ??


I would like to apologize if this question has been answered already. 

is it possible to run the Paparazzi software on the Pixhawk board?

My thought process is that pixhawk is a board with a bunch of sensors, I can technically use any software i lik

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