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Toward a touchscreen groundstation

I recently bought the following cheap GPS navigation PNA for my car: Medion GoPal P4440


I soon discovered this device runs it's apps on Windows Mobile 5 OS. After some searches, I installed the MioPocket suite on a Micro SD card and I now have a nice

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FMA CoPilot sensor DC supply

I was preparing RS-232 plugs for connecting my high wings to the fuse of my Kadet Senior UAV (to get rid of the cable salad when mounting my wings. When I had to wire the DC power for the FMA CoPilot sensor, a question came suddenly: what DC should I

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Magnets ???

My question is about the use of magnets for fixing things in/on an airframe. I found that the small super magnets you easily find nowadays are very practical to replace Velcro tapes in many situations. The binding is stronger, less subject to move, a

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Who has a EB-85A GPS board log file

Hi all. I need a NMEA log file from an EB-85A GPS board to set up an emulation out of ArduPilot. This emulation would then be fed to my Inspire OSD (its version 3.4 support this 5Hz GPS chip). Has anybody such data to share or could someone give some

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Need help with a DC/DC 5V/3.3V @5A converter

Hi all.As it happens once in a while, I acquired a lot of 5 nice dc/dc new converters from ebay for 9 bucks, but now I got them I lack basic information about the product."Specifications" I have for them are limited to following: DC/DC Converter 5V I

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