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Feature Request: Dynamic Home Point

I also sent this request to 3DR for the Solo, but I'd like to see it in the general Pixhawk too (maybe we can test it first in the Pixhawk platform?), here's my suggestion for a new feature:

I'd like to suggest an enhancement for Solo Pixhawk which wi

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Airport display in Mission Planner


Mission Planner will display rings around airports. This is a good thing for flying safely and avoiding low level air traffic.

But some of us have noticed that some airports do not seem to be displayed, where other nearby airports are displayed. O

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PixHawk and power distribution


I have a PixHawk and have some questions about the power configuration. There seems to be some confusion (as least for me) as to the best method and practices. I find most of the documentation and diagrams talks about APM, but hasn't been fully up

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Entry of callsign?

Ok, call me old fashioned. ;)

I see the the notices that in the USA to use the 3DRadio 900 MHz link, you need a ham radio license.

Ok, I have that (Extra class licensee for many years)!

But I don't see any place in the software to allow my Amateur radi

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