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Display time in Tower app?

Is there a way to have Tower show the time of day according to Pixhawk from GPS when connected? This is a very important thing to me that Mission Planner does, but that I cannot find how to do in Tower.

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Setting time in Hero4

Does anyone know how to set the time accurately in the Hero4? Mission Planner can be used to account for time offsets, but if the seconds can be set, the log file can be fed directly into Pix4d. It seems that no matter what I do, it is still off by a

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Pixhawk log has wrong date for geotag

I am trying to geotag pictures using mission planner, but the date in the log is off by 2014.71 years. Is there a setting I am missing? I am using latest AC3.3rc10, and mission planner just updated itself to the latest. I have done this successfully

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Copter shakes gimbal

I have a QAV400 with Pixhawk, under which I am mounting a stabilized gimbal. The gimbal has rubber vibration damping balls to isolate vibration. Trying to tune the PIDs, the copter shakes the gimbal on the rubber, kind of swinging it in about a 5Hz o

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