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What GPS/Compass to buy for old Pixhawk?

My GPS has gone defunct from my 4 years old Pixhawk. I have been looking on the web but I am a little unsure by what to replace it. The GPS I have is a 3DR GPS with Compass Kit, with a GPS DF13 plug for the pixhawk and an I2C cable/DF13 plug for the

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Inexplicable "jerky" behavior of Pixhawk

I am flying a Tarot 650 frame with a Pixhawk autopilot for some time now. I have autotuned it and it flies well. Since two weeks it flies "jerky". The motors de-/accelerates suddenly and the whole thing kind of jumps through the air. I can fly it, bu

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Different setups for Pixhawk?

I tested my new frame with 3S batteries and all worked fine. When I connected a 4S battery it reacted very *jumpy*. A slight change of the throttle made the thing jump high in the sky or almost crash on the ground. My interpetation (which my be wrong

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Cannot change parameters of ArduPilot

Hi,the default settings for my arducopter (version 2.6) are not correct. The copter (DJI F450) reacts extremely fast to all changes and it is very wobbly. Manual says that this is due to RATE_RLL_P and RATE_PIT_P being too high. I tried to change the

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Erratic behavior of ardupilot controlled quad

I am trying for several weeks now to persuade my arducopter controlled quad to fly. That is not succesful due to erratic turning motors. It appears that each motor has its own speed that constantly varies, even when the thing is standing on the groun

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Opto ESC and Ardupilot: really need BEC?


I am building a DJI-F450 with Opto ESC's and an Ardupilot 2.6. I read in a lot of forums that a BEC is needed and I wondered for what? The Ardupilot is powered by the power module and the Opto's are powered directly by the battery, a 3S LiPo. They

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