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Replacing FMA with a 6DOF IMU

Hello,If I understand right, Ardupilot is dependent on FMA for roll and pitch stability.I have 6DOF IMU from Sparkfun and I want to use it to monitor the roll, yaw and pitch angles of my model airplane and use this data to perform FMA functions i.e. maintain roll and pitch stability.Sparksfun's 6DOF IMU gives accelerations and gyro data. On benchtop experiments, I can accurately measure my roll and pitch angles using only accelerometers. But, if the IMU flies in model UAV, it will be subject to all sort of other accelerations, rotations and accelerarometer readings will not be sufficient to measure roll and pitch angles.Can someone tell explain how to use 6DOF IMU to calculate roll,yaw,pitch angles in flight and eventually use 6DOF IMU to replace FMA? Do you have Arduino code for thisRob.
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Hello All,There are many small, off-the-shelf boards which can accept TTL or RS232 serial data and control/drive multiple RC servo motor. What I am looking for is the reverse of this operations. That is, I want to measure multiple servo pulses with one small unit, and send the measured values via a TTL or RS232 port.

Do you know if there is any small, off-the-shelf solution for this?Roberto
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