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Every Rover deserves a home

When your rover is tired and needs to call it a day for recharging its batteries, it needs a home. 


But to come out the next day, it needs to backout... i.e. to have a backwards function... sort of like a copter's landing and take off.

I realize there

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Contributing to giving sight to AV's

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to design and build an "open source" radar system. The premise is that while we have the hacked Neato and the RoboPeak system, I've not found anything for outdoor use. So I've built this scanner pictured below.


The parts list

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Which firmware version is currently best

I read somewhere the official 2.46 had track steering problems. I understand the current beta fixes that issue. Many thanks to all developers. But the current beta now seems to have disabled the GPS's. Since I'm working with Piksis, I really don't kn

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New compass calibration screen

While playing around with the latest Pixhawk roverware and the new piksi GPS system I came across the new compass calibration 3D screen. Very cool! So I gave it a try. It seems to ask me to rotate my rover around on all three axis. Since my rover wei

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Skid steering and turning on a dime

Is there any trick to get a rover to turn about its middle. I've set the skid steer IN to 0, the skid steer OUT to 1 and the steer2srv_p to 1/2 the distance between my drive wheel. It drives OK but I can't make the rover turn hard on the spot.


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Pixhawk and an ArduRover... lots of bugs?

I've just assembled my rover with the Pixhawk kit which included the GPS and PPM encoder. The GPS is mounted 5+ inches above the top of the rover. Inside the rover is a Dimension Engineering 60 amp motor controller and 2 17AH batteries.

After runnng t

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