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PLEASE HELP. MP can't communicate with APM

Hello  all.

I'm at my wit's end and need help. Last fall, I got my new quad flying and did some tests. I needed to move the compass and do another compassmot, but couldn't get around to it due to school. This spring, I got the quad back out to work on

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Help! No heartbeat packets.

Desperately need help regarding a APM connection issue.

Last fall I put away the quad for the winter, no time to fly while going to college.
At the time, I was over parameters for compassmot and needed to buy an external mag.
Now that it's spring, I

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External mag on APM 2.5?

Hi all-

Need help. I still don't have my quad up and flying and I'm trying not to get frustrated. During initial tuning encountered many problems. I realized that I had not done the compassmot correctly the first time and needed to do that. After perf

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Off-center APM position question...

Hi all.

I am re-configuring my quad after a maiden-flight crash and added ear plug mounts and re wired some things. Long story short, the mounting solution worked out best with the APM arrow facing forward as always but the APM board itself being offs

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Battery questions...

Hi guys-

I'm new around here and learning tons by reading your wisdom on these message boards.

I need help understanding which rating of battery I should use for my quad. Right now, with everything except the APM and battery mounted, I'm weighing in at

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