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Ardupilot RF Interference?

I've been having some problems intermittently with RF interference when flying my Nexstar EP. I always thought it was just some local interference which kicked on and off for whatever reason and that I needed to just do a range test before each flight.However, just today I decided to try a range test with & without Ardupilot installed. With Ardupilot I could only go about 200 feet away before i started getting pretty significant twitching of the servos. Without Ardupilot everything was still rock solid at 200+ feet. So it looks like the jumble of wires I had inside before won't work... are there any special precautions I can take besides just organizing wires and keeping Ardupilot as far from the receiver as possible? Is it important to keep Ardupilot away from the ESC as well? Does anyone have any home-made RF shield ideas?I also want to thank Chris & Jordi for making Ardupilot - not only a great autopilot but a really great place for beginners to start learning.
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UAV Senior Project

Hi everyone,My classmate and I are building a UAV as part of our senior project. We're going to base it off the Ardupilot. Despite having little experience directly in UAVs, we think, perhaps incorrectly, that the project will be lacking a bit in depth (thanks to Chris Anderson and Jordi Munoz for doing a lot of the real work for us). We are looking for any suggestions from the community for a good add-on project that could be accomplished in a couple months. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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