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apm 2.5 off center

I just bought a flying wing i want to use the apm 2.5 on  for stabelise and rth. Only problem is i can;t mount the apm center. I will be about 7 cm off center to the left. Is this possible or a no go?

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apm1 2.5.3 yaw issue

We are having a verry strange issue with apm1 2.5.3. We get a constant yawing to the left verry fast on a quadcopter. We have even changed the frame. But still the same issue. The copter will yaw for like 3-4 mins to the left pretty fast. After about

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apc220 with mp

All i am using the apc220 telemtry with apm but i am getting errors for example when trying to wire a mission i get system exception on read. Basicly reading stuff out of my arducopter with apc220 goes great but whenever i want to write (upload) it g

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using 4s battery instead of 3s

I have a arducopter v1.1 with full electronics kit. It has the 20a esc and the 850kv motors and 10x45 props. Can I use 4s instead of 3s with this combo. Beceause i have 4 4s 3300mah lipos lying around. And ik would like to use these.

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