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Compass Variance Auto problem.

Hi Guys.

Mission Planner 1.3.37 build 1.1.5917.13431

Firmware: (ArduPlane) Version 3.5.2

Yesterday I setup an auto takeoff, to auto mission on my wing.

Auto take off was set to a timer on my radio and it worked flawlessly! However as the plane reached WP

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Pixhawk Pitch PID tuning

Hi All,

I've been having quite a difficult time with tuning my Tarot t960 with Pixhawk.

I've had the system flying fairly well and doing missions, but I can't get the rapid oscillation out of the pitch access, roll is fine. The CG is set perfectly and

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Camera Trigger / Flytron SLED / Sony NEX5

Can't get my Sony NEX5 to trigger off the Pixhawk with the Flytron SLED for Sony NEX.

I know it's not the SLED because I've got it working with a servo tester.

I have a 5V BEC plugged into the RC9 just to power the rail with 5V and the SLED in RC10,

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Tarot 960, Pixhawk PIDs help needed.

Hey guys,

I have the Tarot 960, I just put the Pixhawk on it but I have no idea what my starting PIDs should be. I tried to take off today with the stock PIDs. The result wasn't the best. I got up about three feet and then it rolled back and started t

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Stitching Aerial Photos for 3D

Hi everyone,

I would like to know what program could best be used to stitch Aerial Photos that have been taken in a sweeping grid together and even produce a 3D image of the ground similar to steroscopic photography that old cartographers used.

I know

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Hi all,

I might be doing doing some AP work in Mongolia. I would like any and all info on things like:

UAV rules in Mongolia, i.e. who to talk to.

Getting Lipos to Mongolia.

and if not possible, getting a gas rc heli to mongolia.

Basically where is the be

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