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PreArm error blank

We're trying to arm our plane with ONLY the PreArm check for INS turned on (16, bitmask 4). However, the Pixhawk fails to arm and returns the error:

"APM: PreArm: "


"Got MAVLink msg: COMMAND_ACK {command : 400, result : 4}" When running on MavProxy

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Lighter than Air Regulations in US

Hey guys - 

I'm new to lighter-than-air flight (been working on planes for a bit) so I don't know the regulations behind them. I'm looking to both fly a lighter-than-air drone just for fun - however I'm looking to bring it into my research in the futu

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Pixhawk not controlling servos

Ok, this is an odd problem. Here goes:

I have the pixhawk armed without GPS (solid blue light, APM Planner says "armed").

Pixhawk is plugged into my computer over USB

BEC powering servos (well, one servo at the moment) by it's plugged into the AUX rail.

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Helicopter UAV?


I was wondering if anyone has used a 450 size helicopter as a UAV platform. I was thinking of getting a RTF helicopter and taking off the receiver and gyro and putting in an Arduino nano with a separate gyro instead. Has anyone done something l

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$150 UAV platform

I've been looking through the posts and I haven't been able to find a UAV platform (with batteries, motor, and motor controller, don't need RX/TX) for under $150. Even the Easystar without the RX/TX is still $192, with the higher powered motor. Does

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GPS and Gyroscope boards

Ok this is my first UAV and I'm designing my own board (with a PICAXE 28x). Does anyone know of good GPS and gyroscope evaluation board or chip that is also inexpensive? I've looked at the Parallex GPS, but I haven't found a good gyroscope.Sam R.

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