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Searching logs for camera trig function

I have done a mapping mission, and I had to stop halfway to swap batteries.

This has caused me errors in the pic set when trying to geo reference them as I have two logs to run one batch of photos.

Is there a way to determine how many pics were taken i

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Powering Tarot 2D from Flight battery

I have been using a separate battery in the past - but now I want to trim down on things I need to take with me when I fly (and prepare/charge etc) so I want to power the gimbal from the flight battery.

Should I split the power from the battery after

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DIY Quad kit flying time

I have the 3DR 2014 DIY Quad kit, and am trying to autotune it - but my battery does not have the power to complete the process :/

I am flying with 3S Turnigy Nano-Tech 4000mAh and 5000mAh batteries and get about 5 - 6 minutes of flight time out of it

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APM 2.5 initializing...

In APM Planner (latest version) my apm 2.5/6 wont initialize. When trying to connect it says "initializing", but does not move on.

I just loaded the latest plane firmware onto it.

In Mission Planner (latest version) it does not connect either, it gives

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Lidar-lite and Pixhawk wiring Setup

Hi guys,

I have read the wiki and just want to make sure I am understanding it correctly.

The model I am using is the first gen kickstarter Lidar-lite model - now referred to as the pre feb 2015 version.

There is an issue with using the I2C protocol wit

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Rapid descent in RTL

Hi guys,

I had a very heaving landing in RTL today - the descent was much faster than usual, it literally almost dropped out the sky. I suspect my battery failsafe is set too low and the voltage tapered off quickly as the battery ran out and that was

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Oslo Pilots


I am new to Oslo and would like to meet with other enthusiasts.

Is there a flying club here or nearby I could join?

And where do you do your flying?



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