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Design for Wind - Size matters ?

Good morning

Wind is a tricky beast. I am reading a lot on how much tweaking of PIDs make a difference and compromise between best wind handling and maintaining straight lines.

But my question now is about size for wind.

My gut feeling is that a larger

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Extreme Conditions (cold and windy)

I am planning on building an airframe for extreme conditions.Specifically: High Wind; Extremely cold.

The wind is something I can calculate and experiment with, but the cold is something I don't have much experience with.

  • Electronics - not too difficul

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Brief motor failure

Hi there DIYers.

I have my first 3DR X8 with Pixhawk. Arrived 2 days ago. Beautiful condition, well packaged. Today I have been for 3 flights - all just hovers in stable (although I also briefly tested loiter).

In each flight, I noticed a sudden moveme

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Automatic Airspace Warnings

Good morning

In we are load free Airspace data files (available most of the world) to help us navigate out of restricted airspace. Very helpful for special areas you might not know about, such as munitions factories.

Was wondering if this is

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