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What would you build??

I have an extra Arduino Mega (2560), and have been wanting to continue (reboot) the work that had previously been done on the ArduStation Mega.  I have a 2.8" color touchscreen that I am going to use for the screen instead of all of the buttons and t

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Did I read this wrong??

The other day I was reading one of the posts and read something about one of the newer versions of the ArduPilot software parsing and using NMEA 0183 sentence strings rather than running in a binary mode?? Or was I just fantasizing about using anothe

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Web and other Research Resources

I admit it, I am a pack rat...of sorts...I have a real tendency to want to accumulate knowledge and information on particular subjects. Recently I have been truly picking over the interwebs for all kinds of resources for OSD, the tech involved, chips

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