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Motor Upgrade?

Hi All,

I think it’s time to upgrade my motors and ESC’s. I am new to the electric hobby, so when looking at new motors, and comparing them I really don’t know what to look for.

What I have now:

APC 12x3.8 Slow Flyer
TR2217/20 Turnigy 2217 20turn 860kv 2

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Getting my ArduCopter in the Air?

I have some questions, but first let me tell you what I have done so far. I have my arducopter assembled, all ESC’s calibrated with the following calibration:



 ESC Tower Pro w25 settings Brake-off, Battery type-Li-Poly, Cutoff Mode-Soft, Cutoff Thre

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Calibrating ESC

Quick question I am ready to cal my ESC’s again. But I do not want to blow it up again. I was thinking of unsoldering SJ1 and powering the board with usb Also I would be able to see the cal with the configurator. Then power the ESC’s and receiver wit

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APM_ADC_test Help

I have uploaded the code to the APM. The board is on a flat and stable surface. When I start the serial monitor I will receive a high accel Z, as you can see here.




Is there anything wrong?


If not can it be cali

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