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Static position flight @ 150 feet

Does anyone have any advice or tricks to getting a nice stable, location static flight at 150 feet up?  FPV doesn't seem to provide enough information as to whether the helicopter is drifting to any great degree as we are basically looking at the hor

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Controlling Arducopter using Leap

I am just getting started with a project to be able to control an Arducopter using one of my Leap Motion Controllers...has anyone else tried something like this?  I am thinking I am going to make the controls very similar to those that you can use in

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Best Way To Remove Jello From Videos

I am throwing the question out to the community to try and get some tips on better isolation techniques for video capture on a multicopter.

We are flying a HEX here at work, and while stills come out just fine, we still have some jello issues on video

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Arducopter 2.9.1b HEX troubles

Is anyone else having trouble with the 2.9.1b HEX firmware?  Each time I load it, my virtual horizon goes crazy.  If I load the latest QUAD everything is fine so I think that rules out issues with the board.  Has anyone else seen this?

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Updated assembly instructions?

Question, I am in the process of assembling my 3DR kit, and the instructions seem out of sync with the parts that I there a new set of documentation for assembly other than what is in the wiki that I should reference?

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