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Max Vne for a given frame?

Most of my frames are large, with large props and low kv motors.  Is there a way to calculate the Vne to determine when the lagging props with stall?  Something where you would input prop diameter and rpm range I would think...  Using GPS to determin

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Best autopilot option

Started with AMP 1 and 2, then moved to PX4, Pixhawk and Pidhacks.  Looking for the most reliable open platform available.  Did a little reading about the VR brain and looks interesting.  What's the best?  What would you trust high value payloads on,

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Parachutes for large multirotors

Looking for the most reliable parachute system for a 16kg 1300mm X8.  Not that I don't trust my Pixhawk, but the payload value is very high and of course there's the safety factor with such a heavy unit.  I've seen the Opal system that deploys from t

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Super cheap FLIR???

Wonder if Ali Express are really selling what they're advertising?  I've bought other uav products from them before without issue, but this seems too good to be true.  I guess they could be knocking off the FLIR core, but at a 1/10 the price?


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Can't save radio setup changes

As a total noob, I'm sure it's staring me right in the face lol!  I'm setting up an X8 flying wing and even after selecting elevron mixing the elevator and ailerons still operate separately.  The instructions for the mission planner say to click on "

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