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Seeing the compass mot


Can some one tell me how I can see the compass mot (in %) via Mission planner. I would like to place my APM board in such a way so that the interference is the least. Currently it is on the lower most plate right above the PDB/

Any suggestions on h

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Power supply for LIPO charger

Hi DIYs,

I am looking for a Power supply for charging my 5000mAh, 3S 11.1V battery (3 cell) to be used at HOME.

I already have the charger Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger.


Would like to buy something affordable, from Amazon or similar place, t

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USB cable: APM 2.5

Hi Guys,

I have lost the USB cable that came with APM 2.5 board. I am not sure if it is micro USB cable or a larger one, and any specifications might help me (Type A or B).

I live in Netherlands, can someone point to where I can purchase it online?


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Urgent help: APM 2.5 build

Hi Guys,

I got my new APM 2.5. I am running it under Windows, arduino 1.01 with VS 2010. I am using ArduPlane 2.68 and 2.67 source code. It builds successfully. However, the problem is:

1) When I open the serial monitor the accelerometers/ gyro keep ca

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Mission Planner source code

Hi Folks,

I want to modify Mission Planner with my own ideas for my application with Arducopter. I saw various posts for Mission Planner source download, but I ain't getting it correct. I know it is open source and developed in C# WinForms, am I corre

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