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Is APM 2.0 still usable?

Hi all,

I was one of the early users of jDrones and APM, but I had some personal problems and didn't do anything for years.

Now I'm back but I've seen that everything changed.

ArduCopter doesn't run anymore on APM, the only thing I've seen still running

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How to reverse radio channels?


I need to reverse a channel of the radio (the pitch channel, which by default is setup the opposite way I'd expect it to work).

But in the latest version (1.2.27) I cannot find the checkbox for the reverse any more (like the screenshot available in

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Canali Radio per Arducopter

Leggendo sul manuale online dell'arducopter, stavo cercando di capire cosa fanno di default i segnali radio sui vari canali, ma non sono riuscito ad avere una chiara panoramica. vediamo se ho capito giusto:

1 - 4: i canali base per il pilotaggio

5: fli

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