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Puffed battery


more than one year ago I bought from HobbyKing 2 Lipos for my Copter... unfortunately due to personal problems I never get to start building the copter and never used them.

Now I was starting to look into that things again, and I was checking every

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Which firmware for the Turnigy?

Hi all,

I bought a Turnigy 9X and I'm building an Arducopter, and I'm a total newbie for what pertains airborne RC models.


From what I understood the Turnigy is basically the same (or very similar) HW of more expensive radio. The thing that keeps is c

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Camera mount on Arducopter

In one of the latest video by Jani I saw a camera mount on Arducopter.
I was wondering whether it was a custom design or if it was a prototype of something coming that is ready made for the Arducopter.
And in that case, will it be just a static mount o

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Basics of UAV stabilization

I'm pretty much a newbie in this area and I was trying to understand the basic ideas around an autopilot.

This are actuallty 2 questions:
1 - can someone recommend some readings about autopilot algorithms and similar stuff?
2 - I wanted a confirmation a

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Building an quadcopter

Hi all,
this is my first post on this forum: I just registered after having seen some cool videos around.
I'm a web developer by day, the maintainer of a pretty popular (at least in the .NET world) opensource project. But lately I'm starting to play ar

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