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Another Noob Question

I am not sure where to enable this parameter FENCE_CHANNEL

I would like to set up Geo-Fencing however reading through the manual give no clue where to set this.  I can see the other parameters OK however this one is not there in Mission Planner that I

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2.70 Conditions for Throttle Enable

I have a problem at the moment with 2.70 on an AMP 2.5.  When I select RTL in flight the throttle cuts.  The aircraft was OK as it glided back to the Home position OK however all testing I have done does not allow the throttle to come on.

However I am

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UAV Long Range Video

I don't know if you have all seen the write up by CanberraUAV however Andrew replied to a question with this:

"Comment by Andrew Tridgell 11 hours ago


We ran the Ubiquity radios in normal AirMax mode. We used it to send UDP packets encapsulati

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Mode1 V Mode 2 Radio Assignments

Just starting out in getting a APM into the air however I have run into a question.  I fly Mode 1 with the throttle on the right hand stick and the pitch on the left.  APM seems to be setup for Mode 2 which most of the USA flies (I am in Australia).


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