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Worlds smallest autopilot (yet)


The most tiny autopilot in the world was introduced yesterday by the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands.

Named Lisa/s, she comes in at the scales with just a mere 1.9 grams, the 2*2 cm board has everything that a multirotor needs. Among the sensors are a 3 axle gyroscope, compass, barometer and a gps module. It also includes Superbitrf, which allows it to be in contact with a groundstation and a rc controller at the same time. 

It runs on Paparazzi and will go on sale via 1bitsquared in January 2014.

More info (in dutch) here and a video:



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serveball, trowable camera

Looks like a very interesting technology to use on a uav.

We've invented the world's first intelligent throwable camera, a ball capable of stabilized, full spherical 360° photography and video capture. Today, as this fledgling space begins to take flight, we're engineering state-of-the-art technology for the decade ahead. Simply put, cameras and sensors are going airborne.

More info here,

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