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Bad AHRS, Bad Accel Health, Bad Gyro Health

I recently started getting numerous "Bad ___ Health" warnings. When I roll back the FW to 3.1.1, they stop. Does anyone know what's up?

I see that Bad Accel Health is a big topic right now. It may be due to hardware or ?

So, my question is, was the FW

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Serious Problem in the current beta MP

I was having many problems with 3.1.11 MP release. So, rather stupidly, I updated to the latest beta. Most of my prior issues were gone, good.

I do a pre-launch calibration after the accels and barometer have warmed up. I took off (fixed wing) went to

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Pixhawk Aux

If this is the wrong place to post this question, please excuse me.

I'm fairly able on the Pixhawk but I seem to be having trouble getting a couple more PWM channels out. I thought I understood the process, using MP planner to assign channels to the A

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Failsafe, then crash


I need a bit of help. Today, after 2 years and 100's of flights, I lost my plane due to low RSSI Failsafe. The problem is, I failed but not safe.

The low RSSI happened without warning. It was not a graceful degradation that usually occurs but a

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1.2.85 prefetch problem

Michael,I got the map showing on the Flight Planner screen thanks to your advice. However, trying to prefetch using alt. and mouse right click does not work. Used to be you would draw a box around the area of interest, now nothing. Only rip prefetch

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Calibrating RxRSSI


Is there a way to calibrate the RxRSSI? Also, can this be made to read out in percent after calibration?



I'm asking all my saved up questions today :-)

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Restart Mission

I thought I understood "re-start mission" function but maybe not.

For example, if one is in the middle of a mission and switches to FBWA to do some cloud surfing and then hits the Re-start Mission, what is the expected action?

Second, does the vehicle

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