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3689690482?profile=originalAt April 28th, our chinese team have the first Dronecode conference in Beijing. We're glad to Chris Anderson join in this. I'm writing this blog to remember that day.

This story is from April 12, Anderson asked me organize a developer meetup while he arrived in beijing.

3689690557?profile=originalI think maybe it's a great opportunity to expand the influence of Dronecode in china this time. You know that although Chris is a good friend with chinese people, but he's not always in china anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, I confirmed with Chris that organize a full meeting.

It just two weeks to prepare. I have lots work to do, find speakers, design event pages, find a place, and find medias. I finally did it at April 28th. Actually, I can't belive it until now.

Here is some photos:

3689690527?profile=originalThis event happened in Beihang University, here is in Prof Quan's lab, they have a great talking.

3689690564?profile=original3689690343?profile=originalChris Anderson and Prof Quan's Student

3689690539?profile=originalLunch, Chris with uav tech team

3689690615?profile=originalProf Quan's speech, Thanks him provide the space for us.

Looks like I can't add more photos in this post, It's very late in china, I'll update later.

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Drone Workshop also works in China

3689690178?profile=originalHere is Shanghai Mushroom Maker Space, funded by DFRobot and Intel. This maker space wins lots of competition.

They certainly good at drone. At the end of January, a drone workshop started in here.

3689690327?profile=originalThere was seven high school students joined in this workshop. After two days, they will have their own copter based on pixhawk.

Instructor is a former developer of Ehang. I forgot to take his picture.

3689690199?profile=originalStudents building his own copter.

3689690443?profile=originalgroup photo

the second person is me. the third is the instructor.

It's a successful workshop, all students built his own copter very well. This era is very amazing. I can't imagine that when I was young.

Written By Stone

3689690471?profile=originalI think maybe I should startup a market research company later.......OTZ......

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Tencent's WeChat is the most popular social app in china. In the most recently reported quarter, Tencent's WeChat had 697 million monthly active users.

3689688194?profile=originaldata souce:

With growing popularity of WeChat in China, mostly companies which focus on Social Media Marketing are choosing to setup a permanent presence on this platform with a subscription account. Subscription account allows post one massage include few articles to subscribers per day. Users could easy to share these article to others. So, it's the best marketing tool now and it's free.

3689688270?profile=originalWeChat Subscription Accounts Interface

3689688311?profile=originalArduPilot China account Interface

3689688296?profile=originalArticle Interface

We post drone and ardupilot project news for now, and we use this platform recruiting translation volunteers for first step.

The article in picture above is for Chris fighted back the "3dr closed rumor".

Chinese ArduPilot users will make ArduPilot ecosystem more awesome in the near future.

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ArduPilot education opportunity in China

Hello Everyone, long time no see. I'm the webmaster of the ardupilot chinese site.

In Sep 2015, I was been invited to join the First Session of the National Drone Education Alliance of China in Chengdu, Sichuan.


3689687115?profile=originalThere was fifteen vocational colleges from all over the country join this meeting, try to find a practical syllabuses. Organizer of this meeting is a professor of Chengdu Technological University, he has confidence in ArduPilot, but other teachers do not know what that means. So this meeting do not have any direct result.

But now, more and more university include these colleges start to pay attention to ArduPilot. In industry field, ArduPilot customization business start to show up.

The Chengdu goverment develops drone industry vigorously. I'm trying to coordinate with them oganize a competition base on ArduPilot at end of June.

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