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Hi All, 

I have an 3DR X8 that I have built form components completely, for mapping. Flies OK but problem is that I cannot use te logs as they are not containing any CAM lines as my 

As outputs 1-8 are occupied by the ESCs I put the Camera trigger on R

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Flight in MCTR


I have to do an Agricultural flight in a Military CTR in my county. I have all the approvals and everything. 

I know DJI has put some no-fly zones in their system. Do we have something similar for our beloved Ardu system hidden? (I saw the no-fly

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Mission Planner KML overlay

Hi all, 

In Mission Planner (1.3.34) > FlightPlan > right click >Map Tools > KML overly. 

I have a KML which calls a PNG to be overlaid.

Problem is that for some reason the PNG does not show up.

Can anyone tell me the KML sysntax needed for this? 

right n

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Hi guys! 

Is there a way to set the motor-compass interference on the ArduPlane? 

Parameters are there I just see not GUI to do the calibration. I normally I wouldn't ask, but the compass direction moves about 40deg between 0 and 100% THR.

Is there a di

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Maja +APM help needed.

Hello everybody! 

Before the MAJA I had a partially home built flying wing and it was tracking the mission route like a bloodhound with default PIDs and no Autotune and just a little NAVL1_PERIOD modification down to 15.So I bought a Maja and now I am

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HELP! Compass calibration.

Hi all,

I need your opinion on some calibration data I got from the last pixhawk I have received:


in the 20 minutes I was working on something els

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