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These camera's are $299, full widescreen HD, 2 hours of battery life. They come with a waterproof casing and are very resistant to shock. Combined with a 16Gb SD card, you can shoot about 4 hours of video. My brother works in LA and he just bought a few of these for a documentary he is going on oyster farming. He has some pretty impressive vids of dredging for the oyster bags under water. I think this would be a perfect addition to arduCopter.
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My Dynam Hawk Sky power plant upgrade>>>>>>>>

I recently have had very bad luck with my dynam hawk sky as you can see by the amount of gorilla glue and duct tape. So far I have sliced the wing off by running into a field goal post at a football field, hit trees twice, and ran it full speed onto the top of the roof of my local high school...but glue and tape can solve anything :)...with the extra weight from the tape and the glue I decided to upgrade to two 400 speed microjet v3 motors and 2 20amp ESC's to power this beast. I hot glued the wooden adapter to the wings and it holds up just fine. I also am going to be running 3 blade 6 by 4 props to get a clean crisp sound. Tomorrow I will testing this setup and I hope it works out well
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I though this was kind of interesting.


The video in the link is to a video of a camera that uses electromagnetic induction to supply power to the camera from the power lines. Near the end of the video they are showing a 4 armed copter that has two motors with blades on each arm to make an octocopter. They said it will be able to lift the 10 pound camera load with no problem. Has anyone else ever had this setup with more than one motor on an arm of a quadcopter?
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Over the last couple days I have been raping my bank account and getting everything together to make my UAV. This is by far one of the most exciting projects I have done. For only have being a member on this site for a couple months now, the benefits from this site and the help and the community has had a great impact on me as well as my informational well being on UAV design and technology. My knowledge has expanded far beyond the reaches I could have ever imagined by becoming a member of DIY drones. I can't wait till summer so I can show off the new UAV to my family and friends. One of my brothers works as a DVD producer down in LA, California and he has started a sort of documentary on our home town and plans to make a movie. With my new UAV and it's camera and streaming video capabilities I am sure I will be able to get him some great clips for his movie. What a great view that would be of my quaint little town from hundreds of feet in the air. None of this would be possible without the great community of DIY drones. I am forever greatful and will continue to learn from my friends here at DIY drones. A big thanks to everyone contributing to this cause. GO UAVS!

April 22--

My futaba 7c faast tx/rx just arrived today in the mail and what a beauty of a power horse she is. All of my autonomous gear is here except for the 2 xbee pro 900's and the antenna. And as soon as my Hawksky airframe gets here I will be fully setup and ready to start mounting parts. Going to be interesting to see how everything fits together.
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