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We need a TRIGGER command!

We need a TRIGGER command for fixed wing aerial photography/survey work.


The current method of camera shutter control is start/stop only. (DO_REPEAT_RELAY, DO_REPEAT_SERVO don't work.)
Start/stop control only works if the camera has an intervalomet

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A successful APM aerial survey mission

On January 9 my partner, Gus Calderon and I, completed a successful aerial survey mission that covered abut 900 Meters by 650 Meters.  The results was a very high resolution picture of the area.

The aircraft:  Graupner Kadett


Motor:          Extreem Fl

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Battery selection in APMSetup



I have the AttoPilot Power sensor in my system.

The Battery selection allows us to select 'Volts & Current' monitor that changes BATT_MONITOR to 4 as it should.

But - the input pads do not accept entered data.  Can't enter Input voltage, Measu

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XBee 'Bricking'

I have had several instances of failure to connect with Planner and the aircraft in the field.  Both times the airborne XBee was bricked. I was able to unbrick it in the field and flew the mission but this has happened often enough to be a real probl

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Quad Simulation



I see that Planner v1.0.48 includes 'ArduCopter Quad (Simulator)'.

Is there a quadcopter in X-Plane? 

If not, what simulator could be used?


Thanks for all the good work.

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Tuning plot is missing


I can't find the button for 'Tuning' in the latest (1.0.40) Planner.

In flight tuning adjustments save a lot of prep time.  The tuning plots made the task much easer.

Please restore that great function.

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Major problems with MP 1.0.30


I have spent a very frustrating day trying to get Planner to work with my new APM2560 board.

The board seems to be OK.  The proper sequence of lights, correct response to RC transmitter, FBW A response is correct to movement.


When I tried Simu

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Problem with Write Pids

When I try to adjust PID values using Configuration I get:

'Set RLL2SRV_P Failed' error message when I try to adjust the Servo Roll P value.

'Set RLL2SRV_I Failed'  error message when I try to adjust the Servo Roll I value.

'Set RLL2SRV_D Failed'  error

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