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Wits End

I Am at my wits end here, My quad flew fine on other versions before 3.0.1 now I have nothing but problems. It wont hold alt wants to climb, same in loiter. my throttle is not responsive anymore feels like a marshmallow. I reflashed 2.91 and did a se

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Need Help Please!!!

I Just got my quad with APU 2.5 and UBlox Lea-6 gps, Rctimer SKFW ESC. did all calibrations, left all servo rev switches to norm on the radio. But when I add power it wants to flip over to the left very fast.

it is in stabilize mode.

any help would be

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Getting a error when compiling

I get this error when I try to compile.

c:/arduino-1.0.2/hardware/tools/avr/bin/../lib/gcc/avr/4.3.2/../../../../avr/bin/ld.exe: ArduCopter.cpp.elf section .text will not fit in region text

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Is there a work around

Sorry to ask so many questions, But I was wondering if there was a work around for using hobbylord Esc's with APM 2.5?

I am not a programmer so I dont know hoe to compile or etc. I did order some RCtimer 30A Simonk FW

Esc's if I cant get this working.


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