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AC 3.1.1 crash need help in analysis

Hi all,

i had a crash today with my quad with the following components:

3dr APM 2.5 + 3dr GPS with external MAG + 433mhz telemtrie

Futaba R617S

4 x Rctimer HP4108-480 KV with rctimer 40A opto ESC

BEC standalone.

90A voltage and current sensor

while doing so

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Pixhawk boot problems

I have received my 2 pixhawks :-)

The first one is working fine, i have upgraded to 3.1.1 without any problem.

But the second one has issues to boot :-( i did the same procedure as on the first one but after the upgrade i get startup tone disturbed by

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Strange behavior after failsafe setup


I almost crashed my X8 yesterday after failsafe setup...

I started in stabilize and after a few sec. i switched to pos/hold and the copter started to fly away..

switched to loiter but no success, back to stabilize i was able to get control but the ve

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