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New Multicopter "Navigator Series" Motors

   As some may know on this site I am a staunch user of Tiger Motors.  Out of all the motors I have used on my copters these have offered the best quality and performance for the money.  They have just released some images on their site of a new line

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Dorji DRF4431F27

Just purchased a set of these modules off of ebay for cheap.  Starting to delve into setting up my own means of communication.  Been using xbees', but I want to learn how to configure other low  cost modules to the APM2.   .   Wandering if anyone has

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APM 2 board shematic?

Does anyone have an eagle file or such of the APM 2 layout? Has one been released yet? Would like to know more about how the board is mapped without having to break my scope and board out every time I need to make a reference.   

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Linear Acuators for Camera Gimbals

I am looking to lighten my overall flight load and increase efficiency on my plane.  I looking into various low current and low voltage actuators.  I spotted this on Sparkfun.  I am considering trying these out initially on a custom camera gimbal.  J

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New Delta Wing X5 and Nano Cam, Need tips

Just got finished assembling my new Delta Wing.  It is a new kit from BEV RC.  I have been looking for a good delta wing platform for doing so aerial AP (ortho maps).  Most of the platforms that I have come across seem to have limited mounting space.

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Enabling Camera Stabilization AC2.0.25

I have downloaded the latest release and flown it with no problems in flight attitude.  However, camera stabilization did not work.  I attempted to reload the firmware manually through Arduino to insure stabilization was enabled, as I have done befor

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