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GoPro remote triggering

Has anyone figured out how to use the APM to trigger a GoPro? I want to trigger it in still mode, or be able to start and stop the video. I  have a wifi remote, but all the APM documentation says you have to disable Wifi to fly. I assume it poses an

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Joystick Button Configuration

I have an old joystick hooked up and am just using it for the buttons. (eventually want to build a custom panel for a GCS)

I have it figured out to use the buttons to Arm/Disarm and Change the modes, but I was hoping there would be more options to sel

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RTL/ Lost Comm Route

Is there any thought about implementing a more robust RTL feature? I would like to be able to program a route that the aircraft will follow when commanded to return home, or when the link is lost. This would be to route around objects that cannot be

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Flight Plan Yellow Lines

Sorry if this is a simple question, but I noticed that the yellow line between the last few waypoints is a dotted yellow line, while the rest are all solid. What is the reasoning behind this?

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"Do Action" Feature

I thought I used to have more than 3 options for the "do action" command on the actions tab of MP. All I have is Loiter Unlimited, Return to launch, and preflight calibration. Am I missing something? if not, is there a way to add custom ones here?

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GeoFence Enable

Is there anyway I can enable a geofence from MP? I only have a 6 ch. radio (I know should have started bigger), and ch 5 and 6 are mixed together to give me 4 modes (two position switches). Is it a bad idea to run two receivers into the APM? That is

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APM2 Crash

I lost my Mentor to a crash tonight, which is disappointing because it's my first crash. I wouldn't be so disappointed, but I don't know what even caused it. I'm hoping someone can shed some light.

Here's my set-up.

Multiplex Mentor

Futaba 6EX 2.4gHz ra

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