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Channel 4 Motor Speed Problems

I have been having quite a few random problems with my arducopter. Mostly stemming from what ended in a pretty bad crash a couple months ago. My quad seems like it has wanted to immediately go to a 45 degree pitch at the back right motor.

I also had t

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ACM Code question

From the way the motor test video looks we wont have to worry about burning out our APM any more by having the motor outs plugged in without battery? Is that correct? I remember it used to cause brown outs that would kill the APM if you plugged the U

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GPS Accuracy

This is just something that has been bothering me lately. I will start at the very beginning. My quad flies great in stable mode, but I have one little problem. I only have 5 channels on my receiver right now, so I decided a little code tweak should

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x mode dip switches

I am using the ng code and the dip switches for putting it in x mode seem unresponsive. I have the first one down and the others up but it wants to fly in + mode. I am not really sure what i have done wrong. It flies great otherwise. Any ideas would

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Only one motor arming

I am having a little problem with my copter. I finally got it all put together, but for some reason only one of the motors arms. Its the rear motor. The others power on but they act like they are always getting a null signal. The other motors respond

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Power for board

I have been following the online instructions for putting my arducopter together. I have my arducopter about 75% finished, but i am struggling with something. I cant seem to figure out how the board is supposed to power up without the usb plugged in.

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artificial horizon

In the configurator do you have to have the magno in order for the artificial horizon to work? The reason that I ask is that it seems to go off to one side or the other depending on which computer I plug it into, but the accelerometers seem to work.


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configurator keeps disconnecting

I only have the APM and the IMU shield, but I was wanting to test it out using the configurator. I keep having a problem with the configurator not wanting to connect to the board. I do have it in debug mode for the gyro.  Does that keep it from conne

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