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Cannot get HC-05 Bluetooth working

Hey guys I spent the night last night trying to get the HC-05 bt module with no success. Baud rate got changed through AT commands to 57600 I also changed its name to Ardupilot to match the GCS. Its connected to pixhawk through Telemetry 1. I can pai

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Giddy like a school girl

Hey guys i just received my pixhawk in the mail yesterday. Started setting it up and reading through the wiki.....i could not believe what all you can do with this thing!!

Its absolutely amazing. I am so excited to use it and experience all it can do.

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Flight Controller Choices

I wasn't sure where to put this as far as category but, I need a recommendation I am wanting to replace my CC3D Revolution on my 550 with something APM. So I am needing a recommendation from you guys. These are the things I am wanting.

GPS modes, Posi

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Navio2 vs ardupilot mega vs revolution

Whats up guys. So when i first got into quads i did very little research on flight controller and ended up picking the revolution fc. I have three of them now. One on my 550 quad and one on my 250 size quad. So far the have been performong fine altho

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Alright so here is what I am thinking. I have the major components on there way to me as we speak, 3 axis MEMS digital Gyro , A 3 Axis digital accelerometer, and 3axis magnetometer/Accelerometer combo in one chip. These are coming from ST Microelectr

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