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3DR Y6 Kit & Many Spare Parts

Hello Everyone. I have for sale a used 3DR Y6 complete kit (All motors ESCs and frame) plus the crash kit and several back up parts.

Overall this sale is for:

1 Y6 frame kit (includes all frame components landing gear motor mounts PDB etc)

8 880kv motor

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Servo Mixing


I was wondering if it was possible to perform servo mixing on the arupilot when running a plane. For example if I had a dual rudder configuration and I wanted to put one input channel and have two input channels with appropriate throughputs and

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RC Input to Multiple Output Channels


I have two questions which I have yet to have found the answer to. 1) Is it possible to have an RC channel in and map to two RC channels out without using a Y cable. Also, what properties exist for the elevron configuration for supporting inboa

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Protocol for MAVLINK 1.0 Data Request

Could someone please explain packet 66 of the MAVLINK Protocol for requesting data streams? For example

the structure is as followed:

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