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FOR SALE: 3DR Y6 geared for FPV

I'm selling my 3DR Y6.  It's a nearly RTF system (just add your radio and a battery), and is in great working shape.  I'm getting 12+ minute FPV flight times with a 4S6000.  Would love to keep flying this bird, but need to upgrade my camera beyond wh

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Y6 Wind Tolerance

What are the highest wind speeds you've been able to fly your Y6's in?  15, 20mph?  I'm in windy MT trying to do some surveying and want to be sure I don't push the limits too far.

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Do you threadlock your prop nuts?

I'm new to the 3DR multirotors and their shaft setups, but I've already lost 2 props due to prop nuts becoming unfastened in flight.  Neither led to a crash (thanks to the Y6's redundancy), but after the last one I was unable to find the prop nut.  


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