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3689684229?profile=originalI'm going to reveal a very unique Idea regarding a very Innovative and radical  MICRO DRONE technology which help we can develop only 20*5 centimeter(CENTIMETER) size DRONE, which can obtain 250 to 1500 KILOMETER range or more. The salient feature of this technology is that it is not based on conventional rotational propulsion system but it is based on a very unique Mechanical Engineering system.

Mechanism: This technology is based on Action and Reaction principle of physics.
In this technology ,as per the diagram there will be Two parts of this device.

(1)First part(Cone shape)
(2)Second Part
The first part will move freely in a cylindrical tube
Two light weight motors will be fixed in this device as per diagram.the (1) motor will work to press the first cone shape part towards upside while (2) motor will work to press the second part towards downside.
Two lever system will be attached with each motor.These levers will work to press their side springs when both motors will move.

Two hooks will be attached with the first part as per diagram.
In the second part Two wings will be attached with this part with a circular spring.
Motors will get enrgy from two batteries.


When the lever system will work to press their side springs then a kinetic force will create on both springs.
when the (1) lever will press the spring of first part then the both hooks will work to lock the first part and spring get stretch due to pressure and at a point hooks will be freed and this part will move towards upside due to kinetic force.But in second part of the device when lever will press the spring towards down side then spring will work to push this device towards upside after removing lever pressure.

In this way both parts of this device will help to push up this device .
Both levers and motors will work at a same time .
The circular spring will work to fold and unfold these wings.
These wings will be fixed on both side of this device but when (2) lever will remove its pressure then these wings will be folded sothat device could get speed against the Air otherwise these wings will be remain unfolde when (2) lever is going to work on spring.
The first part of this device will get back its position again lever system will be ready to work on this part again and again.

At first we will have to launch this device with the help of a spring based slingshot or launcher sothat the device could Fly in the air to some distance.
After launching ,the mechanism of this device will get start to lift up this device in the air.

I would like to insist on some folowing points
(1)At first we will have to launch this device with the help of a spring based launcher
(2)these motors will move after every  second this time may be more or less.
(3)The wings will work to hold this device in the air till the device couldn't get back its momentum.After getting momentum the device will move very fast as wings will be folded and will obtain more range than it has lost in each second.This device can obtain 30 to 60 meter or more range in each second.
(4)The flying time of this device will be depend upon the batteries .As this device will consume less energy than conventional rotor based drones So it can obtain more and more range.
(5)This device will be completely soundless.
(6)we can take size of this device as per our choice.
(7)we will launch this device at the angle of 40 to 50 degree.
(8)I have done some experiment to know the feasibility of this device and my experiment shows that this device will work properly.

Now my earnest request to DIY community that please help me to convert my Idea into a prototype.

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