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Herelink general questions

Hi all.

Ive just discovered the herelink and think it would be ideal for my new project. Ive have tried to keep the multicopter shell as small as possible but the herelink air unit is quite large, especially if you have 2 HDMI plugs sticking out of th

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Calibrating gimbal pitch.

Guys, I cant find any info about the best way to set up the camera pitch angle on the alexmos/simple BGC.

Seems there is 3 interacting systems, setting TX limits, setting angle within the simpleBGC program and finally within MP itself.

I would like MP

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Power options for pixhawk

Have just bitten the bullet and ordered a pixhawk.

I notice in the instructions is says 'APM power module-REQUIRED' and it appears to ship with one.

However I will be using it on my big octa and the 90A rated current of the power module will not be eno

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Multcopter frame layout pros and cons.

I am currently using my own design ‘H’ frame quad with great success. It has the fore and aft arms mounted on silicone o rings and has very low levels of vibration, both on APM and direct mounted camera. The low kv motors and large props give good fl

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Arducopter 3.0 beta

I have been trying to find the main location for APM 3.0 beta info and discussions but most of it seems to be in other topics.


Anyway I have installed 3.0 rc6 and have got about 2 hours flying on it now. Most things seem good but I was getting very s

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De-shaking, editing frustrations gopro.


There must be thousands of people doing exactly what I am trying to do so am seeking advice here.


What I would like to do-


-Download the MP4 from my gopro (hero3, using 1080p 5-fps at the moment).

-Use some software to reduce the shakes.

-Perhaps tr

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