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Red Boxes - Mission Planner

I'm guessing this will be an easy one, but something I've obviously missed in a software update..

While say hovering a Copter in Guided mode a number of red line boxes appear on the Mission Planner Satellite Image which border the Copter's position. T

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Battery Failsafe Land Props Spin

Hi All,

Not a critical issue. I'm running Arducopter 3.3.3 FYI.

Load testing my batteries etc. in my Hex after a period of no use. Whilst in Loiter at about 1.5m high the battery voltage dropped below 10.5v and my Battery Failsafe activated. The Hex la

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Slow data transfer rate - SOLVED

This is just a little annoyance but hoping somebody can give a solution.When Connecting my APM's (2.5 & 2.5Mega) in MP the read speed is quite slow, maybe 5x.How do I know this. Previously I've had to Erase the EPPROMs and the first time I connect it

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Motor pulsing in Altitude Hold

Just an annoying problem with the motors pulsing in Altitude Hold.I don't seem to be able to tune it out entirely. I've disabled the Sonar. The Quad holds altitude quite well but the pulsing upsets the stability a little.Also I'm using 12x8" APC prop

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MR4 Discussion

The MR4 Quadcopter is an Australian developed product by BASK Industries and utilizing many components promoted on this forum.This Topic is started as a place to share experiences on the MR4. So feel free to make comment on anything related to the MR

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ROI being ignored.

After reading every post I can find and playing around with parameters I've had no luck getting my copter to yaw towards a ROI.

I'm running 2.9.1 on a 2.5 Mega board with Mission Planner 1.2.32 mav 1.0.

I loaded a simple WP Mission and between WP2 & WP

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Geo reference error

I am finding that my map on the Mission Planner does not reflect the true position of my APM board. Now this may be an error with Google Maps, rather than the Mission Planner or the APM's GPS (I'm using the Mega, ATM).

I'm just putting this out there

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