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Throttle setting problems

Hi All


I have setup my eratix to fly on the apm 2.5, when i switch over to auto on the ground the motor winds up to 100%, however when in the air and i switch to auto the motor shuts down, despite being below target altitude and speed,  I have enable

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GOPRO Frustrations

Im battling to get my gopro to work on the av out, it is correctly wired, cut yellow plug off shield to ground wire to video in on tx, I have other leads for different cameras used on the same tx and they work fine, Started off using wifi which is a

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Using Apm 2.5 on large gas UAV

Im considering fitting an apm 2.5 to a large mugen 50cc uav with 3m wingspan, my concern is vibration, I am firmiliar with the Panda autopilot and DJI for helis and multis, I dont doubt the fact that there are thousands of happy users using the apm 2

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