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Problem downloading Arduplane Dataflash Logs

Hey guys, hoping is just me doing something silly, but I am having problems downloading my log files after the recent Arduplane firmware update. We had some AWESOME long range flights this weekend, and I am just gagging to see the logs.

I have been ou

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Mission planner CLI wont talk to AP 2.74

Hi Michael

I still have some 1280 APM1 boards, that I dont want to throw away  just yet, so want to use them for ArduPlane purposes.

The Previous code, 2.74, still works on the APM1 1280, but for setup purposes , I cannot use CLI for level commands, te

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Mission Planner Feature Request 1.2.81

Hi Michael

Would you be able to do the following, it would make log analisys so much easier. 3691065074?profile=original The idea is :

Once you have loaded the log, you can either hide a graphed line temporary by clicking on the eye, clicking it again will bring it back, or you

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Mission planner feature Request

@Michael O

From THIS conversation,

Would it be possible for you to put human friendly times accross the top of the dataflash graphs? Please leave the line numbers there.

While I am at it , could you please make it so that when you move your mouse cursor

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Choosing y6 propellors

I have been looking at several commercial Y- configured multicopters out there, and have noticed that most of them use the normal APC -E props rather than SF props. I asked a local drone delveloper why this was, and he answered that they have tried a

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3DR Y6 Params

Please post your parameter files for your 3DR ARDUCOPTER Y6 here. 

So far I am running stock firmware values, apart from the Rate P was changed to 0.7 after some in-flight Dynamic tuning.

Brilliant in no-wind conditions, but quite wobbly in a mild br

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Arducopter 3.X PID settings

Hey Guys

I would like to properly document the individual PID settings on the latest code, with a "plain English" explanation of what each parameter does. Partly for my own education (To be able to support the ones I sell), and to perhaps make a WIKI

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APM Does not load Parameters on connect

Hi Guys

Been going through testing the latest batch of APM 2.6's I received.

I have a problem on one of them, and want to see if I missed anything before requesting RMA.

We have the APM connected to the GPS/Mag ONLY. No other connections, input or outpu

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Prop Theory and Multicopters

Hi 'Droners!

Years of RC experience has taught me that when it comes to props, less pitch means less speed, and more thrust (and vica versa)

When electrics came around things changed a bit, because BL motors can produce all the torque at almost any rpm

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APM 3,0 Wishlist

Hi, Im not sure if we are going to go to APM 3.0, or straight to PX4, but  I would like to start an APM 3/Px4 wishlist, for the consideration of the Developers.

 Lets Start the Ball Rolling :

1. Would like to see a SINGLE cable from the GPS/Compass to

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Seconds From disaster...

Hi all,

I need some help interpreting the attached log file.

Scenario :

I was flying my Arducopter Y-6, (What a machine, by the way!)
APM 2.6


Stock hardware, no mods or changes.

5300mah 3S Lipo

Took off, flew around for about 30 secs, hit LOITER at a

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