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Pixhawk almost crashed during Autotune


the work on my self-designed 3D printed hexacopter has been finished:) Some pics attached.

It can fly pretty well in all modes but I wanted to tune it with the Autotune functionality.

After the drone took off I switched to Althold and turned on

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Neo 6M on APM 3.1 mini no GPS/no Fix


tried to connect the uBlox neo 6m-0-001 with compass to APM 3.1 mini to the GPS slot (compass to SCL/SDA, GPS to GND/5V/RX/TX).

The power LED on the GPS board in on, compass configured and works fine. 

I cannot get the GPS working, getting interchan

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Understanding software handling

Hi all,

I am really very impressed how many information about software and hardware configuration for my Arducopter I can find in the manual on the site diydrones.com. It is really a great job, thanks for all the people involved!

But as a beginner in e

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