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Airspeed Sensor is acting wierd

Hi All,Since updating to the latest code i cant seem to get airspeed to show up in the MAVLINK GCS in the Planner, when using Xbee...


If i go to CLI, and test the airspeed sensor, it works.

If i power the APM with usb, Airspeed works over XBEE in Plan

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Sync Error in APM

Hey People,


Ever since yestrday, my APM is having trouble comunicating with the PC. Heres what im seeing:


1. When trying to upload code from Arduino, i get this error message:

              avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp 0X00


2. When try

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University Application Questions

Hi Folks,


I am working in a university lab, for a PhD student, and we are currently using APM for charactering an non-standard airframe. The airframe we are working on experiences quite a considerable amount of Dutch Roll when exiting a bank.


Here ar

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Yaw dampening

Hey folks,I understand that APM uses yaw in coordinated turns, when banking, but the airframe I am currently working on is not very stable in yaw. Comming out of a steep bank, the airplane Pivots back and forth before settling, about the yaw axis. I

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Ardupilot Mega videos?

Hey all,I recently ordered the necessary parts for the APM. I have received most part, and am only waiting for the controller board from Sparkfun.I have been looking for videos of working/flying airplanes with APM, but have only found a couple.. I ha

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